Karlka Recruiting Group endeavours to satisfy our clients with the efficiency and accessibility to a wide range of services. We have had the opportunity to respond to tenders and have been successful in our bid for various projects ranging from general APS recruitment, to invitations to join recruitment panels, to graduate recruitment and bulk assignments. Details of our client testimonials and recent experience can be found below.

Department of Education and Training Provision of Graduate Recruitment Services

May 2017 – Aug 2017
Project description
Karlka Recruiting Group was selected to deliver Department of Education and Training’s recruitment activity for the 2018 Graduate Program. This required the assessment of written applications, provision of an online motivational / organisation values fit test and ad hoc reference checks. On top of this, Karlka Recruiting Group designed and delivered an online assessment activity which assessed reading, comprehension and writing capability suitable for university graduates. This was designed, delivered and wholly managed by Karlka Recruiting Group. Delivery was via an online portal that we hosted and assessment scores were inputted into eRecruit directly.

Contract Value: $60,000

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2018 Graduate Development Program

Mar 2017 – Jun 2017
Project description
Karlka Recruiting Group assisted the Department with the recruitment process for the 2018 Graduate Development Program. This involved the shortlisting of 800 applications, the coordination of 150 candidates to assessment centres and the assessing of 150 written exercises. Through the shortlisting and assessing process our team followed an agreed methodology to ensure consistency in our approach. Further to this, we also completed 120 reference checks that were delivered on time and in full to the Department.

Contract Value: $25,058

Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development 2016-17 Uni Vacation Employment Program

Aug 2016 – Sep 2016
Project description
Karlka Recruiting Group assisted the Department with the shortlisting stage of their 16-17 UVEP intake whereby all applications were assessed using an agreed methodology and scoring mechanism. Following this, the Department conducted interviews where Karlka Recruiting Group provided scribing services for both panels. Then in the final selection report, our team created reports based on interviews were provided to the Department contact by the due date. The report included comments for each candidate that are in depth and provided a good basis from which to compare candidates.

Contract Value: $15,000