Our consultants sit down with our clients to tailor a recruitment approach to best meet your business needs. By offering you the flexibility to select which elements of our recruitment services you wish to use, we ensure consistent, positive results that will support your project requirements and schedules each and every time.

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Karlka Recruiting Group is 51% Indigenous owned and our vision is to create a strong future for all Australians by staying involved within community, environment and economic development projects and respecting the traditional owners of the land.

Karlka Recruiting Group brings a much needed and important Indigenous-to-Indigenous network through first, forming relationships with traditional owners and Elders within the communities. We then allow the Elders to reach out to the families and connect them back to Karlka Recruiting Group with the aim of ensuring that we act as a bridge between the community and our clients to expand the Indigenous employment landscape. As such, whenever we consult with Indigenous communities we have the objective to increase opportunity for the families to prosper and develop within the workforce.

Another avenue that we take to increase Indigenous engagement is through working together with job active providers to ensure that jobseekers who have not worked for some time will be encouraged, provided mentoring, drug and alcohol support, vocational guidance and tips on restarting their career that aligns with the clients and the job opportunities we have available in their area. Many job seekers don't realise that they have transferable skills gained in one environment (raising a family, caring for elderly relatives, sports, communal and voluntary work) which can be bought into the workplace.

The value of an Indigenous networked approach with a regional focus is beneficial because it is the first step in contributing to making a real impact on Aboriginal employment on a national level.

On a national level, we positively influence the Indigenous workforce through our ability and community outreach to successfully recruit in regional areas where others may not have the capability to do so.

For example, our links to community are strong on a national level with help of our Supply Nation certification and through our parent company, Nyiyaparli Traditional Owners in:

  • Indigenous centres
  • Universities
  • High schools
  • Elders
  • Local football clubs
  • Youth clubs
  • Other educational programs

These relationships have enabled us to connect with Indigenous candidates who are actively seeking to join the workforce.

Karlka Recruiting Group leaves a positive footprint in the Indigenous community as our earnings are integrated back into community when our candidates are engaged, whether that candidate is Indigenous or non-Indigenous. We then invest these funds with a focus on strengthening the Indigenous workforce by providing services of mentoring, work ready programs, training advice and career development.

Karlka Recruiting Group’s objective to increase Indigenous employment has been successful with our major clients nationally.