Commonly, job seekers only think to use labour hire recruiters when they are actively seeking the next job opportunity. Whilst this is true, there is much to be said for connecting with recruiters throughout all stages of a career.

In an ideal situation, a ‘try before you buy’ opportunity would be beneficial when it comes to recruiting.  Here, potential candidates and how they operate can be observed before making a hiring decision. Unfortunately for most recruitment agencies, this has not been realistic in the past as, given the timeframe provided, they were only able to select temporary or contract workers from a candidate pool that was immediately available.

Employment now has a variety of faces and in this ever changing recruitment landscape, not all job positions require the same demands. This has led to the development of different types of employment including permanent (full-time), part-time and temporary/contract. Whether you are an employer or candidate seeking work, it can often be difficult to discern the best suited employment type to respectively offer or accept.

Transitioning into a different industry can often be intimidating. Many candidates convince themselves that they do not have the right skills, experience or qualifications to pursue particular career pathways; however, this is not necessarily the case.

A job interview is a two-way street between you, the candidate and an interviewer, the employer. Your potential employer asks questions in order to know more about you. In return, you prepare questions to ask them. Candidates are expected to ask questions and these can make the difference between accepting and declining a job offer.